Corporate Sponsorship


Forming a relationship with a charity through Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) can improve your company’s profile,increase brand awareness and help you connect with a target audience.Your company may have staff who identify with our work with carers and older people, or a specific area of our work that is close to their hearts.We have a range of different services/projects/events that you could either sponsor or share your skills and expertise with us such as our:

-Tea groups

-Days out

-Memory cafe

– Xmas party

-Autumn Ball

-Carers week

-Volunteers week


Charity of The Year

Do you  have a charity of the year programme at your company? If so would you consider making us your charity of the year?

Benefits include:

  • Shared values that your staff care about to make the biggest impact possible to our beneficiaries(carers and older people)
  • Engage and involve with employees that are passionate about our work
  • Involving employees to attend or hold fundraising events for us
  • Attend events such as our tea groups or memory cafe
  • Increase visibility and profile of the charity and company
  • Demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

If your company can help us in any way please contact us on 01322 336086 or email




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